We know — changing your diet is the absolute hardest part about living healthy and trying to lose weight. But we also know that your food choices are equally as important — if not more so — than your exercising habits. That’s why we created Fitness Love Foods, a weekly meal plan service that helps take the guesswork out of food and keep you on track.

Our principal goal is to provide nutritional meals your body needs during the week, so you can enjoy the foods you crave on the weekends (aka carb cycling). Don’t worry; we make it easy. We always add variety to the menus and keep the meals tasty, so you don’t get burnt out. And we always welcome feedback.

With a new menu every week, the meal plan is one of the perks that sets Fitness Love apart from other gyms in the area!


  • Our meals are 100% gluten-free

  • They’re all based on the ketogenic diet

  • Taste and presentation are our main focus

  • Three options each week include dairy, while three are dairy-free

  • We always use grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken and cage-free eggs

  • We offer a variety of seafood options for you fish lovers