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Interested in joining the Fitness Love family? That’s great! We promise you won’t regret it. To toot our own horn a little bit, you get a lot of bang for your buck with us that most other studios in Atlanta don’t provide.

But first, let’s start from the top.

Here’s what to expect right out of the gate. In your first 30 days, you will:

  • Fill out a discovery sheet. This is eight to 10 questions about your current fitness level and eating habits, as well as your goals, so that our team can get their wheels turning on how to best help you meet those goals.

  • Have an evaluation. This is a “first date” workout, so we can assess your current fitness level, injuries and any areas of limitation that we may need to work through. This evaluation also includes body measurements, pictures, A1C and body fat testing to give everyone a good idea of where we’re starting.

  • Get a game plan. This will be a video outlining a specific plan of action to get you to the finish line. It will include attainable goals for both food and exercise, and you’ll be linked up with a trainer to help you along the way.

We’re committed to your success as much as you are.

And we prove it by assigning each of our members a Success Coach. Your Success Coach is one of our trainers that is, well, committed to helping you achieve both short- and long-term success. When you have questions, concerns, want recipe suggestions, advice and anything else fitness, food or Fitness Love related, this is your MVR (most valuable resource). In an effort to provide you with the best results, your Success Coach will stay the same throughout your tenure at Fitness Love. And to help provide you with the best guidance, they’ll be closely monitoring a few things over time, like:


  • Class Attendance — Because we really want you to show up!

  • Class Selection — To ensure the classes you choose relate to your goals and truly improve your performance.

  • BBESF — Blood sugar, body fat, endurance, strength, flexibility; because, why not?

Not sold yet? Let us tell you about the perks.

With Fitness Love, not only do you get a customized fitness experience, but you get lots of continuous guidance and other great perks, too. These incentives are designed to help keep you accountable and engaged, so you can get to the results you want — faster.


  • Semi-annual, one-on-one lunch meetings with your success coach (on the house!)

  • Unlimited body fat testing

  • Continuous education and testing to ensure that you’re meeting goals

  • Grocery store tours to help you pick out the right foods

  • The option to order from the Fitness Love Foods meal plan

  • Tons of challenges and games with prize incentives

  • Guidance through personal 30-day challenges to help you meet goals

  • Fitness Love parties, socials and outings

  • Fitness Love fitness events, like 5ks and mud runs


Now we’re cooking with grease, right? (Of course, we mean only healthy, keto-friendly grease.)


Torrie Grilling at Fitness Love ATL

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