Less Fear. More Fun.


We’ve made it our mission to make sure our members are having fun, both inside and outside of the gym. We feel this helps not only improve the overall experience, but it also boosts confidence and reduces anxieties.

And we must be doing something right, because we have over 25 members that have been with us for more than five years! The reality is, when you join a gym like ours, you spend a lot of time with the people you work out with. You create new bonds quickly, and many of those friendships begin to exist and expand outside of class.

At Fitness Love, we’re a family. And we’re definitely a group of people that enjoys socializing and celebrating successes. We love to have adventures where we test our fitness levels on the streets and in the mud. And sometimes we really just like to all meet up at the pool, grill some dogs and have some refreshing (non-sugary) drinks.

From 5ks and mud runs to weddings and babies, we’re here to cheer you on through it all.


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