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The key to effective exercising is to do things that don’t bore you. At Fitness Love, we write every workout and enter every class with this concept in mind. From kickboxing and rowing, to running and weight lifting, we offer a variety of classes, with a variety of exercises, so you feel like you’re getting a different workout, every time.


There’s a method to our madness, too. Not only do we offer a different set of classes every day, but we plan the schedules and workouts strategically to ensure they complement your goals and help you burn sugar and increase power.

You’re stronger than you think.

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Excuses are easy to come by, and they can really cramp your fitness style. We offer classes multiple times a day, every day of the week, so you can work within a schedule that works best for you! Here’s what a current week in the Fitness Love gyms looks like:


Sprint / Weight Intervals

Never. Skip. Mondays. We know it’s hard to get back into the groove, but this class is specifically designed to help you reach your anaerobic threshold multiple times in one hour. The intervals, and alternating between cardio and weights, also maximizes your chance of depleting stored sugar when you’ve been carb cycling all weekend.



Total Body Boot Camp

Total body Tuesdays includes many functional movements using every muscle group. This class involves some running, as well as some strength exercises to give you a fun, full-body workout. And the exercises are customized to each member according to height, weight and conditioning — so you can finish the class feeling like you’ve really worked hard.



Customized Lifting

This class is 90% lifting, 10% cardio. And it’s completely customized — a great challenge for the trainers! We base the reps, sets and weights on your specific capabilities to make sure you are getting stronger and building lean muscle, which is vital for fat loss. At the end of the class, each member is issued a cardio challenge to finish on a high-heart-rate note.



Customized Lifting

Like in Wednesday’s class, Thursdays are 90% strength,10% cardio. You can still expect the super customized workouts, but we’ll target a completely different set of muscle groups than on Wednesday. And don’t forget about the cardio finisher!



Sport Box

We lovingly refer to Fridays as “Fight Club Friday” at Fitness Love. This class is when you get to punch, kick, jab and get some good core training in! The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be good at it; the effort you put forth is what gets you the biggest burn. And don’t worry, your trainers will be there to support you along the way. Sometimes, you even get to beat them up.



Tread & Shred

The name of this class says it all. On Saturdays, you come to the gym to tread around and shed some pounds. More specifically, this class includes a mix of indoor and outdoor running, with bodyweight / lightweight strength training. And we also try to include some TRX strap exercises for a little extra variety!



Run Camp

We all like our Sundays to be stress-free, so we keep our Sunday workouts that way, too. This class is simply a stress-free run. And, as with all our other classes, your distance and route will be completely customized based on your conditioning level. The more you attend Run Camp, the more you’ll build endurance — and you’ll start to feel and see yourself getting faster!

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